A magnificent onslaught of stunning voices on March 23rd 2019, with an evening of shanties in the company of Kimber’s Men and Five Men Not Called Matt. Take a look here:–QOuhKc&fbclid=IwAR3kAP4To7EJRg4OjzZ10a4DX4bCnCBQ8NcfHVT5TK9cevw-XETo0_mk8vc

or here for the massed choir!–QOuhKc&fbclid=IwAR3kAP4To7EJRg4OjzZ10a4DX4bCnCBQ8NcfHVT5TK9cevw-XETo0_mk8vc


The fourth Stony MusicHall brought us these gems:

Whispering Grass – like never before:

Bucks Fest 3: who cares if it rained? A good time was had:

In July 2017 we were delighted to host a concert with guitarist, Don Perera. Hereare a couple of samples of what we enjoyed:

don perera

LOOK AT THESE! Some magical videos produced in July 2016 about what we do at York House, and why our user groups are happy to be here. A huge thanks goes to Nick Stone of Nick Stone Media for these classy productions (have a look at

Drama at York House Centre

York House Centre Community Gardens

Art and More at York House Centre

For Youth, Community and Arts

You can also enjoy some of our past events:

Regos – Hungarian dancers

Grand Finale at a StonyBreakDown!

York House Arts For All – Drawing on History

York House Christmas Lanterns on the March