Fit4All = Fun4All

Thursday 31 May 2018
11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Fun FITNESS FOR ALL the family! Get the whole family involved.

Reasons to join Us… 1 Classes for ALL ages and abilities 2 It’s a LOT of fun – no, really, it is! 3 Meet some fabulous people 4 Just £6 a class and £3.50 for children!

GO FOR THE DOUBLE! Take a double class on Monday or Thursday Just £10 for both classes!

✔ Pay monthly packages ✔ Advice for exercising with injuries or illness ✔ Personalised nutrition plans to aid weight loss ✔ Personal training ✔ Small group training ✔ Corporate sessions

Aerobic/circuit style sessions. Fun for everyone. Monday: 11.00am (Beechey Room – rear entrance); Thursday: 11.00am (Main Hall).
“I am stronger and fitter than ever before”

CALL Natalie on 07738 282500 or email

Facebook: Fit4allmk Fit4allmk

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