Liz Simcock@The SongLoft

Friday 16 February 2018
08.00 pm - 11.00 pm


BEECHEY ROOM (doors open 7.30pm)


TICKETS £9.00 (from or

This will be Liz Simcock’s third visit to the “Loft” and she always draws a large audience with her growing reputation as a performer and songwriter  Book early to avoid missing out on what we be a great evening.

NOTE: Drinks at SongLoft events in the Beechey Room are on a Bring-Your-Own basis. Events in the main hall will have a cash-only bar, and the proceeds will go to York House Centre’s community events fund.

Access to the Beechey Room is via the rear entrance to York House.

For more information contact 01908 611074 or email or visit or Friends of the Song Loft  on Facebook, or the York House website  at



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