Friday 29 March 2019
12.00 am

BEECHEY ROOM (doors open 7.30pm)

TICKETS £5.00 (on the door)

These nights are for anyone who wants to participate are given a chance to show their hidden talents. We get lots of local and not so local musicians turn up as well.

This time, we feature The Delta Ladies – a renowned multi-instrumental roots and world music trio. Their electro acoustic shows are noted throughout the UK and France. Vi Martin plays Guitar, Bouzouki, Chromatic Dulcimer and Banjo. Dee Stone plays Fiddle plus keys and piano. Their mesmerizing, rhythmic fusion of Roots, World, Folk and Blues rhythms has been christened ‘Hillbilly Trance’

Please check our website for full details

DRINKS at Song Loft events in The Beechey Room are on a Bring-Your-Own (and glasses) basis. Events in the main hall will have a cash-only bar, and the proceeds will go to York House Centre’s community events fund.

Access to the Beechey Room is via the rear entrance to York House.

For more information contact landline: 01234 742189, mobile: 07738 968804 or email songloft@gmail.comor visit or Friends of the Song Loft  on Facebook, or the York House website

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