Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth

Saturday 25 May 2019
02.00 pm - 04.30 pm

A talk by Mike Ingram, a renowned author, historian and Chairman of Northampton Battlefields Society.

This talk discusses the relationship between Richard III and France, how the French influence shaped the final outcome at the battle of Bosworth leading to Henry VII taking the crown. We get the facts as can be found in contemporary chronicles and archaeological findings. We learn how a medieval army was made up, how it was armed and how it worked. The overview of warfare as fought in England compared with France and Flanders. For many years, the account of the Battle we know as Bosworth has been based on accounts by historians rather than contemporary or near contemporary sources, here Mike enables us to see a way that the battle may have been fought that fits with what we now know to be the true battlefield site.

Limited spaces available and must be pre-booked – Cost £5.00 – Doors open at 2pm

Please contact Jeanette Melbourne – Tel: 07957 157273


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