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Rick Kemp @The Song Loft

Fri 22 Apr 2022

08:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Long standing Bass player Rick joined with Bob Johnson in 1972 to form the ‘Classic’ line-up bringing their rock backgrounds to the sound of the group. Rick had previously worked with Michael Chapman for 3 years and nine (!) albums. It was Chapman who introduced him to Steeleye’s music and they were one of the few bands Rick would consider joining at the time as he was happy as a session musician.

Rick is prolific songwriter contributing many songs to Steeleye since 1980, right up to ‘Dodgy Bastards’ where he wrote the brilliant ‘Cromwell’s Skull’. He contributed significantly to the Back In Line and Wintersmith Albums. Many of his songs were sung by Maddy Prior, with most re recorded on his solo albums. ‘Deep in the Darkest Night’, ‘Heart of Stone’, ‘Somewhere Along the Road’ all appeared frequently in Maddy’s repertoire.

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