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Vivant 25th Anniversary Acoustic Concert

Wed 1 Sep 2021

08:15 PM - 10:15 PM

In The BEECHEY ROOM – please use rear entrance.


Come to celebrate 25 years of beautiful music from Vivant with us.

Mark and Clive first met at the Vaults session in Stony back in 1996. As Vivant they have recorded 2 acclaimed albums and delighted numerous audiences with their performances, presenting their unique blend of acoustic violin and melodeon.

“Beautiful and soul touching”

“Hypnotic rhythms and lovely melodies”

“Absolutely charming and restful…calming me down as I sit at my bloody desk! Quote me” (sic) The legendary guitarist, John Etheridge


Vivant are a violin and melodeon duo formed by Mark Prescott and Clive Williams. Together they have developed their own style creating a unique ambiance of interwoven harmonies and beautiful arrangements.


Tickets: £6.00 from

Tickets: £3.00 for 14 years and under from

Doors open at 7.30pm and York House’s charming and efficient bar staff will sell you real ale, cider, lager, wines and soft drinks at the cash-only bar. All proceeds from the bar go to York House Centre.

For more information, phone 07989 964609 and take a look at and