February Frolics

Friday February 2nd “Roger McGough in Person” 

Saturday February 3rd (8.15 – 11.00pm) “StonyMusicHall 4”

The fourth extravaganza evoking the jolly days of music hall and variety.

Sunday, February 4th (3.30 – 5.00pm) “The Elizabethan Winter’s Tale”

Delightful period music, lively readings, Elizabethan tit-bits and mulled cider.

Saturday, February 10th (10.00am – 4.00pm) “Bucks Fest Chapter 3”

Showcasing local businesses and services, with a family fun atmosphere of stalls, games, and refreshments.

Saturday, February 10th (8.00 – 11.00pm): “Kent DuChaine & Leadbessie”

Touring American bluesman, master of his 80 year old National Steel guitar. Be prepared to be entertained.

Wednesday, February 14th (8.00 – 9.30pm): Stony Tracks

The Valentines Day guest will be Ian Freemantle, talking about his life, wood sculpting, poetry,  and introducing you to some favourite musical pieces?

Friday, February 16th (8.00 – 11.00pm): Liz Simcock@The SongLoft

Hitchin Folk Club: “Liz is a great songwriter and gorgeous singer with a relaxed and very endearing stage presence.  We have seen her grow from strength to strength as a performer, and now stand easily alongside any of the female singer/songwriters working on the acoustic/folk music scene”.

NOTE: this is a Beechey Room performance (rear entrance) so you can bring your own refreshments (and glasses).

Friday, February 23rd (8.00 – 11.00pm): details to follow

Another fine outing for the SongLoft

Saturday, February 24th (8.00 – 11.00pm): “Henry Priestman

Welcome return of this entertaining performer; ex-Christians-frontman and purveyor of middle-age angst.