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THANKYOU to all who have donated to the various match-funding schemes over the last couple of years. This has generated a good in come for our community projects.

Watch this page for details of future schemes where your donation can make double the difference.


York House has joined the LocalGiving scheme – an opportunity for those who like what we do to make a financial contribution to York House. Watch out particularly for special campaigns which can double your donation through matched-funding.

Why LocalGiving? Firstly, it’s quick, easy and convenient – just click on the link below and open your heart!!!

We use the special promotions matched-funding campaigns to support arts, community and family events such as The Big Draw, The Great Arts Caper, or to other special projects like Community Gardens..

Now it’s even easier to donate. Simply click here:

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Have a look at:

The LocalGiving facility is made available to us via Milton Keynes Community Foundation ( ) which does so much for local organisations.