MBFS mini-day of caring

Teams from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and York House Centre joined forces for an extremely wet but fruitful and satisfying day to take out the old raised bed, lay a new flower-bed, and install a magnificent noticeboard.

Most of the work was done, despite the adverse conditions, and the finishing touches will be applied in the near future.

Once again, we have to thank MBFS and their hard-working staff for supplying muscle-power and enthusiasm, as well as the plants and materials to achieve a grand result. MBFS’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) four-year relationship with York House has seen major improvements – indeed, transformation, to the interior, exterior, and grounds of our fine old building.

This is not to mention the Development Plan which is at the stage of implementation of the major features. New toilets, new signage, new website, new databases, new …… well almost everything it takes to run a charity-based community centre.