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Delder’s Dogs – Understanding Dog Behaviour Workshop

Sun 3 Nov 2019

09:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Barking and Lunging?
Funny around toys or food?
Scared of children, bikes, cars, dogs?
Frustrated when on lead?

All of these issues could fall under the “Reactive” banner – in this workshop we will be dispelling myths, helping you understand your dogs behaviour and working though how to fix it.

There will be a case study from 2 dogs with some of the issues above that I will go through and show you my private consultation approach.

Who is this for?

– Dog Owners
– Dog Trainers
– Dog Walkers
– Vet Nurses
– Dog Groomers
– Anyone wanting to get into a dog profession

When: Sunday 03 November 2019
Times: 9.30am – 12 Noon
Where: Beechey Room (use back door)
Cost: £55.00

Contact: Adam 07730 264035 /

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– No Dogs for this workshop
– Key note speech by Adam Delderfield
– Case study on 2 dogs
– Every day management
– Does the reason why they behave that way really matter?
– Solutions to common problems and how to overcome
– Q&A session