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4 Week Introductory Course to Breath-Body-Mind Practices

Sun 16 Oct 2022

Course Fee £35

Breath-Body-Mind  practices are a programme of science-based breathwork, qigong, meditation and gentle movement exercises developed to lower stress, balance emotions and support health and wellbeing. As a professional singer and singing teacher I have been working with the breath and teaching breathing techniques for over 20 years. Having found the Breath-Body-Mind techniques helpful for my own wellbeing, I am now passionate about sharing this programme with others. Whether your focus is on reducing anxiety, helping sleeplessness or improving focus/energy levels, this introductory course will give a taste of the ways in which breathing practices can offer support. The exercises are gentle and can be modified to suit most levels of fitness and health; please if you have a query about your suitability for the course then email me at For more information about myself, my ethos and my experience please visit