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Thu 25 Jan 2024

4:30pm – Act Out 6-10 year olds

5:40pm – Act Up 11-18 year olds

2024 marks 10 years of ACT OUT which started in October 2014 (ACT UP started six months later) thanks to the support of Ken Daniels and Fiona Trinder of York House Centre.
Our aim has been from the start to support young people to develop their creative flare and core life skills through the performing arts.
To celebrate our incredible journey this year we are offering first taster session free, and if a current member introduces a new ACT OUT member both get a 10% discount on their term fee.
Our Spring term is going to focus on skill building as well as a creative project to write and record a song and make a music video for it.
Our Summer term will see our hugely popular participant lead Summer Gala productions, where the participants write, rehearse and perform their own plays.
Our Autumn term will bring us into Panto Season, which is being written by one of our participants.
As it is our 10th year there will be other events popping up, so make sure to watch this site as well as the ACT OUT & ACT UP website and face book page.
For more information visit the ACT OUT & ACT UP website or email