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Alfie Moore – A Fair Cop Unleashed AND SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Sat 11 Mar 2023

08:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Doors and bar open 7.30pm

Enjoy the thrilling ups and downs of the night a mysterious clown came to town and more than one life ended up in the balance.

The show is based on a dramatic real-life incident from Alfie’s police casebook. Whilst the case itself was no laughing matter – this show certainly is!

Tickets £12.00 from

Alfie is an original and distinctive comedian with his niche area as a recently retired police sergeant. He brings a wealth of insights and comedy moments from over 20 years on the front line, where a keen sense of humour has been the key to his success and survival! Check him out at

Of course, there will be a York House bar offering real ale, cider, lager, wine and soft drinks

And have a look at the York House website: