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Jon Pollard sings Roy Harper

Sat 28 Oct 2023

08:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Jon Pollard will create the authentic atmosphere of a Roy Harper gig from the early 90s.
There’s nobody else quite like Roy Harper, his unique voice, songs and guitar styles were like nothing else on the music scene. Although massively respected by his peers and working closely with musicians such as Jimmy Page, Dave Gilmour and Kate Bush, he was often overlooked by the music industry.  This concert is not to be missed if you’re a Harper fan.

What people are saying:

“Best Harper covers I ever heard!  Absolutely incredible”

“Couldn’t put a Rizla paper between your rendition and the original.”

“Close your eyes and it’s Roy.”

“Gives the original a run for its money.”

“Impressive and powerful.”

The evening will be opening with a set from Jill Turner, well-known songstress on the local music scene.


TICKETS: £10.00 ADVANCE/£12.00 ON THE DOOR. On-line at