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The Bardic Trials 2024

Sat 20 Jan 2024

07:30 PM - 10:45 PM

Applications for the 13th Bard are open from the 2nd December 2023 to the  6th January 2024
The Trials will take place on the 20th January 2024 in York House at 7:30pm
The Search For A New Bard…
The Bardic Trials is an open contest of three rounds where oral artists such as spoken-word performers (poets, storytellers, comedians), dramatists and singer/songwriters are invited to compete before a live audience and a panel of expert judges. Votes are cast to decide who will make it through each round, and by the end of the final round the new Bard emerges. Anyone can enter and anyone could win, and everyone gets to have their say. This is an opportunity to get your words heard and carry the burning torch of the Bardic Tradition onward into a new chapter. If you would like to compete for the prestigious position of Bard Of Stony Stratfordplease read our ABOUT page  so you understanding the Bard’s role and then complete the entry form at the bottom of this page, or contact us for more details.

Up to 8 competitors can compete on the Bardic Trials evening to be judged by audience and judging panel (made up of experts in performance, local Councillors, at least one member of the Bardic Council and the former Bard).

Entry to the trials

  • Entrants must apply by application (see
  • Entrants must be over 18yrs.
  • Entrants must live within a day’s walk of Stony Stratford (approx. 12 miles).
  • We can only consider applicants who are not bound to other civic roles.
  • Applications close midnight 6th Jan 2018, late applications will not be accepted.
  • During the competition the competitors must come prepared to give (we cannot guarantee competitors will get to perform in all three rounds):
    • 1st round single piece up to 7 mins
    • 2nd round single piece up to 5 mins & a statement of their Bardic Intentions* up to 5 mins
      • ​* Statement of Bardic Intentions: What they can do for the role of Bard; How they would develop the role of Bard; What it would mean for them to be Bard; Why should they be the voice of the Stony Stratford community.
    • 3rd round single piece up to 10 mins
    • When the winner is announced they will be cloaked as the Bard and read the Bardic Oath
  • After the competition and during the year of Bard, the Bard must commit to performing and creating original pieces for at least 8 events in the Stony Stratford area.