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Will Pound @The Song Loft

Fri 16 Sep 2022

08:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Tickets £12.10 from:

Will is renowned for his melodeon playing and is a first-class harmonica player. He is also a Patron of Warwick Folk Festival. Here is a review of his 2013 CD “A Cut Above”:

26-year-old moothie [harmonica] maestro Will Pound has already earned compliments aplenty, from Lancashire lefty Mike Harding and the somewhat less socialist Daily Telegraph among others. And rightly so: his playing is indeed A Cut Above. This solo debut sees him slice through folk, swing, bluegrass and even a bit of celtic music. The unifying theme is English folk, from the simple melodies and tricky rhythms of Cotswold morris to the stirring dance tunes of Northumberland. Will also plays his own composition Waxy’s, dedicated to a Glasgow pub whose drinkers can’t usually remember its name afterwards: a funky little reel which would make Brendan Power proud.