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Volunteer gardening day – wonderful!

We had a fabulous Community Volunteering Day at York House Community Gardens – achieving much more than we’d ever hoped.  35 adults and 6 children came – and it was lovely to see people from all ages there. Amazingly, the area by the path near the netting is now clear of rubbish and ivy, and ready to be made into an attractive woodland bed; other rubbish around the community gardens has been barrowed into the enormous skip that we were able to hire with some of the money from the MK Community Foundation grant that Jane Wolfson ‘s bid has brought us; Hannah Giles and her friends and some other volunteers were weeding the flower beds; Karen and Linda have sorted out the annoying netting that we kept on tripping over; Harry, Colin and Mark M brought wonderful power tools and worked hard with them; work was done on the 2nd dead hedge, and Andy M is coming back to work on that; Kate and Misia’s children are transforming a discarded wheelbarrow into a herb bed;  The sun shone, and it was lots of fun, as well as hard work!