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York House Grounds

York House Grounds - Fully Accessible Ground Floor - Fully Accessible

York House Centre has a substantial rear garden with a decking stage/seating area and an AstroTurf pitch for games and exercising. Suitable for children’s parties, fetes, fun days, and other outdoor events.

Subject to availability, areas of the grounds can be included with your hire of the Main Hall or Beechey Room.

Please note, York House is located in a residential area, so we have some restrictions on outdoor noise and timings for outdoor events – please discuss your requirements with the York House Staff when making your booking.

Facilities Included

Additional Charges

  • Deposit / Behaviour Bond for ad hoc bookings (£20 daytime & £100 evening events) - REFUNDABLE
  • Let-in and let-out charge for ad hoc bookings:
  • Let-in = £5.00
  • Let-out = £5.00
  • Late night let-out (11pm onwards) = £10.00


file_downloadConditions of Hire or Use – York House Grounds